You Need To Know This If Your Heel Hurts Whenever You Stand Up Or In The Morning

“Plantar fascia” represents thing ligament that link the front of the foot to the heel. More than 50% of the population in US suffer from this issue.

Repetitive motion and weight gain and weight gain are the main reasons for this problem. Athletes, people who often stand on their feet and pregnant women are the people who commonly suffer from plantar fasciitis.

However, this issue can be also treated and prevented. Stretching exercise that relaxes the tight muscles is the best treatment for this problem. Today we will present you the most powerful and effective exercise for this issue:

Calf Stretches

You can ease the pain in your heels by stretching the calf. You only have to extend the leg in a lunge like movement and then stay for 30 sec in this position. Do 3 repetitions with each leg.

Seated Exercise:

You can significantly relieve the symptoms and the plantar fasciitis by doing this exercise:

Cross one of the legs above another, pull upward on the toe and then try to hold 15 sec. Perform 3 repetitions with each leg.

Warming Up

You should definitely warm up the body before you do any physical work. It will relax your muscles and prevents you from injuries by sudden movement.

Regular Exercises

Maintaining a healthy body weight is one of the best prevention for this issue. You can also reduce the risk of foot ligament tightening by stretching your muscles and joints.

Proper Support For The Foot

It is essential to keep the feet in a safe position by wearing appropriate shoes. You do not have to wear tight or not well constructed shoes.

Maintain the Weight

You can simply prevent the pressure on the whole body and feet by maintaining your body weight.


Try to avoid continuous repetitive movement with the feet and do not stand for too long. Rest your feet permanently, maintain a healthy lifestyle and the health of your feet to prevent this unpleasant issue.