IF YOU SEE THIS LABEL ON THE FRUIT DO NOT BUY IT AT ANY COST – You will be shocked if you know the why

Last years filled with studies has proven that GMOs are highly present in our everyday lives. GMOs are very harmful for our organism and overall health, so in this time you need to be very careful with the products which you are buying.


GMOs means that the product is genetically modified, or filled with chemicals, which are very harmful for the organism.
It is very difficult for the people to make a difference between the normal ones and the modified ones.

So in addition to this article we are going to present you several tips which will help you in order to make the difference.
Look for the Numbers


On every product there is a label which contains a couple of numbers, devoted to the product. It is called PLU (Product Looking Number).

In addition we are presenting you the meaning of the numbers on the label.

Number 3 or 4
In case the product label has these numbers it means that it is natural, but during the growing process some chemicals were used, and it is not GMO.

Number 9
In this case the product is completely organic and no chemicals or pesticides were used.

Number 8
If the label contains number 8, means that this product is GMO. You need to know not to buy this product, because it is not healthy.