If you are a coffee lover then you definitely love the products that are made from coffee. Coffee is an excellent beauty aid, it is full of antioxidants and the caffeine in the coffee is beneficial for a number of problems like puffy eyes, dark circles, swollen eyes, eye bags etc.

There are a lot of eye products like the eye creams, under eye injections, eye patches etc. that either work temporarily or do not work at all. Below is a simple 2-ingredient ground coffee eye mask that is the answer to number of your eye area issues along with its benefits:

Coffee contains caffeine that helps protect cells against the UV radiation and slows down the process of photoaging of the skin, thereby reducing early wrinkles.

Caffeine in coffee can tighten skin, smooth puffiness, fight free radicals, and reduce dark under eye circles and wrinkles around the eyes.

Coffee grinds has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce redness and tighten your skin.

The caffeine promotes healthy circulation and decrease inflammation that results in dark circles and under eye bags.

Coconut oil moisturizes the under eye area and keeps it soft and smooth. It prevents the under eye area from drying thus reducing wrinkles and patchiness. Dry skin is prone to early wrinkles and coconut oil prevents it.

The eye mask with regular usage moisturizes the under eye area, keeps it soft and supple, reduces puffiness and eye bags, reduces dark circles, prevents early wrinkles, reduces the appearance of present wrinkles etc.

The mask is super easy to make with ingredients that are readily available in every home!


Things you need:

2 tablespoons of organic ground coffee powder and 2 tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil.


To make and use the eye mask, put tablespoons of coffee powder into a bowl. Then add in 2 tablespoons (equal ratio or equal proportions) of coconut oil.

Give the mixture a good mix making sure the coffee powder and coconut oil are well incorporated.

Now, cleanse your face really well and apply the mixture or eye mask that you have just prepared under your eyes. Keep it for 15 minutes and remove the excess coffee powder since you have to massage in the coffee oil.

Massage the under eye area with your ring finger gently for about 3 to 4 minutes and then wipe off the oil.

You can sleep with it after this step or wash it off using a mild cleanser if you have used the mask during the day.