Here’s What Will Happen if You Put a Piece of Onion in Your Ear

Our mothers and grandmothers know very well that there is no better medicine than the natural one.

The most used for remedies is the onion. It will help you for ear and head pain.

Earache is very unpleasant occurrence, but with the help of the onion you can relieve from the pain in a very short time.

Simply place the onion in the ear, and it will reduce the inflammation.

If you have migraines, repeat this procedure before going to bed. Let the onion remain in the ears overnight.


Onions is taking off body temperature
This is an ideal for children. If your child has a high fever, chop the onion into rings and get soaked in apple cider. Then put it on the feet and in the ears of a child. Onion juice that is released throughout the body, will give you unpleasant coughing.

Otherwise, the port juice is very effective natural cough syrup


1 onion

2-3 tablespoons of natural honey


Choose a nice and healthy onion, medium size. Peel the onion and cut it.

Place it in a deep bowl and pour the honey.

Cover the bowl with foil and leave it for one night.

The next morning, strain the mixture through a thick gauze or strainer. This is a dose for one day.

Take one tablespoon of syrup every two hours. For a short time you will feel better and you will start to cough.