Hemorrhoids : The results will be visible in no time and you’ll start feeling healthier and stronger as well

Everyone is at least once had a problem with hemorrhoids and many know how difficult and painful every visit to the toilet was.

It is not comforting but every second person older than 50 years have hemorrhoids. Pregnant women are more subject to that, just as fat and inactive persons, also as those who are not paying attention about their diet and bring excessive amount of refined, processed food.

Symptoms are light red bleeding, pain while emptying bowels and etching. In the case of inner hemorrhoids bloody trail can be noticed on toilet paper, but bigger problem occurs if inner hemorrhoids come out of the anus – in that case whole area hurts, itches and it is very sensitive.

The main cause of hemorrhoids is obstipation, due to increasing of pressure in blood vessels because of tension while emptying bowels. Obstipation, also, is making worse state of hemorrhoids, because the colon and rectum are under the pressure, so blood vessels are rubbing and by that getting bigger.

Prevention is mainly based on healthy diet. In order to avoid surgery the best thing is to keep up with these advices:

1.  Eat sup regularly and drink more than recommended 2 liters of water, in order to make your stool softer.

2.  Try, if you can, not to spend a lot of time sitting, because you don’t stimulate bloodstream enough.

3.  Emptying should not be too slow, but also not with a pressure. Long sitting on toilet seat also increases pressure on anus.

4.  In days when you are in pain try not to sit a lot, instead of that you should take rest in half-sitting or lying position in that way in which your feet will be above pelvis level.

5.  Inactivity increases trouble, so try to bring in regular physical activity, 20 – 30 minutes a day is enough. Your blood vessels will be healthy that way and you will have better physical condition and you will empty your bowels more easy.

6.  While lifting heavy things don’t bend your back but your knees. Don’t hold your breath while lifting weight but inhale deep before that and exhale in moment of lifting.

7.  Don’t sit for a long period of time on cold objects (stone, metal, ground).

8.  Good method for lighter cases is sitting in bath tub full of warm water. Take a bath 3 – 5 times a day.

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