In case you have cancer it is better to detect it in its very early stage, because it can be cured. Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, ‘It is not a tumor!’ in one movie in the kindergarten when someone said that he had a headache.

But in addition to this post we are going to present you the symptoms and how to detect cancer if you have growing it I your body.
Some of the headaches are worth to visit your doctor, because some of them may be a indicator of growing cancer.

IN addition we are going to present you a couple of symptoms which are the most common in case you have growing cancer in some part of your body.
At the very beginning we need to explain to you that sign is something which can be seed by someone else too. Like for example if the doctor can see a mole in unusual shape which can be cancerous is a sign. But a symptom is something which is not visible. Like for example you have a headache and no one can see it, except that you feel it.

Lump beneath your skin that feels hard
Lumps, a breast tissue which is the main indicator of a breast cancer, and it can be self-examined. You will touch your body and in case you have this kind of sign, you need to visit a doctor. Once you go to a doctor you will stop developing it in a bigger problem.

Itchy skin
Cancer is connected with bacteria and they are damaging your immune system. The white blood cells are there to stop that and destroy. So in case you have developed cancer in some part you will see itch and red skin on that place.

Wounds that don’t heal
In case you have a wound and hat wound cannot heal, or it takes a long time to d that you need to see a doctor, because it is a symptom of a developed cancer, it may not be, but just to make sure. The immune system will be weaker and cannot heal the wound very fast as once it could. You need to keep the wound clean.

Tongue or mouth bumps
The bumps in your mouth, gum or throat can be a sign of developed cancer.
Trouble swallowing, indigestion or loss of appetite
In case you have disrupted digestion, it may be a sign of cancer because your body won’t have the power to heal fast.

Changes in bowel movements
In case you notice some changes in your stool and it is lasting more than 2 -3 days you need to pay a visit to a doctor. Finding blood in the stool most of the people know it is a sign of a colon cancer and they immediately ask for help.
Another signs are pain while elimination, very dark stool, or also very light, diarrhea or mucus.

Changes in urination
In case you have some changes while urination and it is not something which is happening usual you should make a checkup. Like if you have changes in the strength of the urine flow, changes in the color, the smell, foam and especially blood, you need to visit a doctor.

Every kind of bleeding which is not a menstrual cycle you need to consider as a sign. You must visit a doctor, like blood from nipple, uterus and etc.
Voice changes
There exists larynx cancer, and in case your tone and voice changes without any special reason you need to visit a doctor and make all of the examinations.

You may have cancer in the lungs, throat and even in the stomach and you will notice that in case you are coughing and it won’t even stop.