Cabbage leaves are very helpful. Some of the women are using in order to eliminate the breast inflammation and reduce the pain and make it more comfortable, to have supply of breast milk, and weaning a baby from breastfeeding can cause. The scientists are not aware that the cabbage leaf can be solution to this problem.

But, they have made a research and get to conclude that in case you are breastfeeding and you refrigerated cabbage leaf and put that directly of your breasts the welling will be gone and the pain will be reduced.
In addition to this article we are going to present you the way how to use cabbage leaves.

At the first place you need to put the cabbage leaves into the fridge, because they need to be cold before they act. There is no difference in using red or green cabbage, but probably the red one will make your bra with red stains.

When the cabbage is cold, peal the surface of it and throw them, because they are not needed. Pull off two leaves, and the rest get it back into the fridge.

Rinse the leaves very good, so you are sure that there are no bacteria on them.
You need to cut them right in the middle, so they will not cover your nipple.
Next step that you need to do is to place the leaves on your breasts, just in the same way that cold compress is hold. In case you are scared of leaking, you are allowed to place a clean and dry breast pad over the nipple in order to soak the milk.

20 minutes is the time that the cabbage leaves can stay on your breasts, and then, you need to remove it.Once you use the cabbage leaves you need to throw them, and next time use fresh ones. It is more hygienically.In case you are still breastfeeding, and you want to use these remedy, you need to watch out not to exaggerate. When you will see improvements, you need to stop using it. You need to be careful with this because it may lower your milk supply.
In case you overdo it, you may end up with greater decrease in the breast milk supply.

In case you are weaning and your will is to dry up your breast milk, and you want to use cabbage leaves, you should not worry about lowering the amount of breast milk. You can use this home remedy as much as you like.