Every one of us has ever experienced a night without a sleep just because you couldn’t fall asleep. You had been tortured yourself, for nothing. The more you think of not sleeping the more you won’t fall asleep.

So many people have passed through that and that has repeated so many nights which turned into insomnia, so they needed to find some solution. They have spent so many night thinking and searching the cure for insomnia. A sleep which is not quality can cause depression, stress and anxiety. You can’t fall asleep because you are thinking on your family, friends, work and you wake up tired the next day, not capable to do your everyday obligations.

Insomnia can be raised by certain medications, antihistamines, blood pressure medicaments. There are some bathroom trips or anxiety which will make your sleep disordered. Also sitting on your phone instead of sleeping will increase the level of stress and anxiety.

Banana tea
In addition to this post we are going to present you one home remedy, which is going to help you to get back you quality sleep. You will need only a couple of ingredients to make this tea which is as a remedy.
Bananas are one of the most useful fruit which will help you to get your sleep. The best thing about bananas are their peels. They contain a lot of potassium and magnesium.

Magnesium will help to prevent the sleep disorder, but together with potassium are relaxing the muscles, so you will sleep like a baby.
Bananas need to be 100% organic, so watch well when you are buying them. The only thing that you need to do is to find 10 minutes in order to make the tea and you will sleep.
In addition we are presenting you the needed ingredients:
– 1 organic banana
– 1 small pot of water
– a dash of cinnamon

The thing you need to do is to cut the end of banana off, peel it, and place it into boiling water. You will let them boiling for 10 minutes. With colander, sip the water into a mug. Your tea is done, you need to consume it an hour before bedtime.

In case you are using sleeping peels, you should try to reduce them, because it is not good to consume sleeping pills.
They are not for using a long time period. Sleeping pills can help you only for a short term. Most of the people are starting with the sleeping pills, because they are not aware of their condition, and after that they will became addicted to them and they won’t even be aware of them.

Sleeping pills are a drug which will help you to sleep. These pills include benzodiazepines and barbiturates which are hypnotic drugs and will cause depression because are used as an anesthetics and sedatives.

In addition to this we are going to present you the side effects which are causing this kind of drugs:
-difficulty focusing and remembering
-stomach pain
-uncontrollable shaking
-parasomnias ( doing things without knowing it)

Sleeping pills are addictive and beside these side effects, they can also slow down the breathing rhythm.