Hugs are one of the most beautiful feeling on the whole world. And the best thing at hugs is that they are free.
In case someone gives us an embrace we know we are not alone on this world. In addition to this article we are going to present you ten types of hugs which exist on the world.

Holding each other’s body with the legs wrapped around
This type of hugs develop desire and energy. It is very cheerful because of the energy which involves.
Wrapping of arms around waist

This kind of hug presents security. In case you get this kind of embrace, then you have someone who is there for you.
Inserting of hands inside pockets

This is a hug which indicates a solace. This is kind of hug which express presence of someone.

Eye-to-eye contact while embracing
This hug will present you importance. This hug will present each other how important you are to each other.
Rubbing of back while hugging
This is very common with the guardian and their children. This presents consolation and representation that everything will be okay.

Patting of back while hugging
This is kind of alternate embrace. This express congratulations and great done work.
Shoulder to shoulder hugging.

This kind of hugging presents strong bond between two companions, colleagues.
Not so close hug
When you are hugging someone just because you should do that. The message which this hug presents is “Thank you yet this is quite cumbersome.”